Fast personalized benchmarks and optimization for NGS read mapping.

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Teaser analyzes the performance of read mappers based on a data set provided by you. After you enter key characteristics such as read length and reference genome, Teaser will simulate read data including the gold standard alignment. After the simulation, Teaser automatically runs and evaluates each mapper for the selected parameters and summarizes the results in a report. Teaser also supports benchmarking mappers on real data or custom simulations, as well as testing new mappers and custom parameter sets. You can start using Teaser right now using this web application, or download and install it to unlock all advanced features.

If you use Teaser to optimize read mapping in your study, please cite: Smolka M, Rescheneder P, Schatz MC, von Haeseler A and Sedlazeck FJ. Teaser: Individualized benchmarking and optimization of read mapping results for NGS data. Genome Biology 2015, 16:235 (22 October 2015). DOI: 10.1186/s13059-015-0803-1
Update News

New Teaser Version 01/09/2016

Teaser 1.2 is now available and includes various features such as updated visualization, configuration for the segemehl, CUSHAW3, Stampy and Bowtie mappers and improvements in read simulation.

Teaser Published10/22/2015

We are happy to announce the publication of Teaser in Genome Biology! Link to Article

Public Version Available 08/12/2015

Version 1.0f of the Teaser framework is now available for public use on the CIBIV servers.
Recent Benchmarks
Teaser Accession Organism Date Platform Library Read Length
3a64bcc0e1edf730acb434880d466057Danio_rerio2017-01-16 12:55:04illuminasingle-end123
93d858cec58ef05e9c1820c3e5aecd95H_sapiens2017-01-11 12:00:11illuminapaired-end126
78e63bf6d8c4cb2aa2828f5c0f25fc74D_melanogaster2017-01-10 12:21:47illuminapaired-end60
bdbeaecdec408ca74232a1c690317dc4H_sapiens2017-01-10 12:16:27illuminasingle-end50
ea594c6ad79ca3d85a8f491722f5bf87H_sapiens2017-01-10 12:13:22illuminasingle-end50
ef5094208301b642ac66e86df75b2cabGasterosteus_aculeatus2016-12-07 23:22:25illuminasingle-end60
ca5bceb2750f94561e3228836dcdca51H_sapiens2016-12-01 16:42:07illuminasingle-end60
9f620259bd0415e976730570fc337299H_sapiens2016-11-30 12:17:59ion_torrentsingle-end100
b0f80110da279b5880c4c2831fe6e9d1Arabidopsis_thaliana2016-11-29 23:06:13illuminasingle-end60
a43fc4f7d7228b8122a4afa11593f620Saccharomyces_cerevisiae2016-11-28 13:31:42illuminapaired-end100

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