Choose Data Source
To begin, choose the source of the NGS read data that mappers should be benchmarked for.

New Simulation

Use Teaser to quickly define a simulated data set and benchmark mappers on it.


Existing Simulation

Provide a custom set of reads and gold standard alignment for benchmarking mappers.

Please download Teaser to use this option

Real Data

Provide real read data to benchmark mapped percentages and throughput of mappers.

Please download Teaser to use this option

Data: Haplotype
This section covers key properties related to the organism that is the target of sequencing. If you do not find your desired reference sequence in the list, please download and place the uncompressed FASTA file in the Teaser/references directory.

Data: Sequencing
This section covers properties related to basic library preparation and sequencing.

Finally, select the mappers and parameter ensembles that should be evaluated. Community-created parameter sets are available for download at:

The options below allow adjusting the resources used for evaluation and other advanced options. Please note that for large, i.e. complex mammalian, genomes simulation and mapping may require up to 16GB of memory.